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  • SH-KZX dust proof explosion-proof control box (II B,II C,DIP)

SH-KZX dust proof explosion-proof control box (II B,II C,DIP)


1. Hazardous: division 1&2, or 20, 21 &22

2. Explosive gas atmosphere: class II A II B II C or inflammable dust environment.

3. Indoor or outdoor(IP65,IP66)

4. Temperature class: T1~T6

5. Widely using in the fields of oil, chemical industry, space flight, war industry and so on.



1. Shell made of high strength aluminum alloy casting off the surface after blast cleaning by high voltage electrostatic spray. Shell compact structure, high density material strength, explosion-proof performance, the surface of plastic powder adhesion ability with good anti-corrosion, the surface smooth, elegant appearance.

2. This product is in the structure of combined modulation, the switch case is flame-proof type, and the bus bar case and connecting case are increased safety type. Each branch circuit can be assembled freely according to the user's requests.

3. Built-in components can be assembled according to user's requirements.

4. It can be assembled specially according to user's requirements.

5. Panel control or remote control or panel control and remote control.

6. With protection functions of overload and short-circuit.

7. Be used to control multi motors, protect each branch circuit by circuit breaker, and as power for illumination or meter.

8. Inlet: 3P+N+PE, Outlet: 3P+N+PE.

9. Steel pipe, explosion-proof flexible tube, and cable wiring.

Main technical parameters

Nos. Of circuitsRated voltage (V)Inlet thread (G)Outlet thread (G)Inlet cable outer dia. (mm)Outlet cable outer dia. (mm)
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12380G1”~G3”G1/2”~G2”Ф14~Ф56Ф8~Ф38


Ex-markErosion-proof classProtection category

Exde II BT6/T5/T4 is equal to  II 2G Exde II BT6/T5T/T4(EN)

Exde II CT6/T5/T4 is equal to II 2G Exde II CT6/T5/T4(EN)

DIP A20 TA,T6/T5/T4 is equal to  II 1D ExtD A20 T6/T5/T4(EN)

WF1IP54  IP65

IP65 requirement must be marked

Built-in components\Rated currant (A)le≤2020≤le≤4040≤le≤6363≤le≤100100≤le≤200
Code of components
Circuit breakerC65, DZ47C120CM1-225, NSX-250
AC contactorB, LC1 seriesCJX2, 2TB, 3TF, B, LC1 series
Thermal relayJR36, LRD, T seriesJR36 series, 3UA series, T series, LRD series

Electrical diagram

SH-KZX dust proof explosion-proof control box (II B,II C,DIP)

Outline & installation dimensions

SH-KZX dust proof explosion-proof control box (II B,II C,DIP)