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  • SH-FBXS-01 explosion-proof monitor(d II B)

SH-FBXS-01 explosion-proof monitor(d II B)

1. Hazardous: division 1&2;

2. Explosive gas atmosphere: class II A,II B;

3. The surrounding air temperature is -10℃~+45℃.



1. Material: CS or SS, argon protected precision welding.

2. Surface treatment: coating or chemical treatment.

3. Inlet and outlet: with explosion-proof cable gland.

4. Inlet, outlet and size can be designed according to the requirement of customer.

5. It can be made into double or single monitor shows,screen used for domestic and foreign famous brand 15-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch, 21-inch, 26-inch products.

Main technical parameters

Rated voltage(V)Rated current(A)Ex-markDegree of protectionErosion-proof class
AC220        DC243Exd II BT6IP66W  WF1  WF2

Noted: If you have special requirements for erosion-proof class, indicate it when ordering.