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  • SH-BFBD explosion-proof lamp(platform lamp II C)

SH-BFBD explosion-proof lamp(platform lamp II C)


1. Hazardous; division 1&2, or 20, 21, &22;

2. Explosive gas atmosphere:class II A, II B, II C or inflammable dust environment;

3. Indoor or outdoor (IP54, IP65);

4. Tempe rature class: T1~T4/T5/T6

5. Equipped with incandescent lamp,mercury vapor lamp,high-pressure sodium vapor lamp,metal halide lamp.

6. Widely using in the fields of oil,Chemical industry,spaceflight,war-industry and so on.



1.Shell made of high strength aluminium alloy casting off the surface after blast cleaning by high voltage electrostatic spray.Shell compact structure,high density material strength,explosion-proof performance,the surface of plastic powder adhesion ability with good anti-corrosion,the surface smooth,elegant appearance;

2.Lamp housing is made of high borosilicate glass with great transmittance and high energy shock resistance.It’s the antiglare design.After designed by special software design of distribution for two times,it can get the confirmation;

3.This series adds remote control system,provide customers a more convenient operation;

4.It is holistic structure,however,the light cavity,connecting line cavity are independent.That’s convenient to install and maintain,and it has reliable electrical properties;

5.Reflector is made of high-quality aluminium plate.After it has been designed by special software design of distribution for two times,and passed the actual test,the availability factor of lamps can be raised;

6.It has sealing structure,which has ensured the great functions of water proof and dust proof.

7.Steel pipe,explosion-proof flexible tube cable wiring.

The features for LED

1.A long service:it can last from 50 thousand to 1 million hours.

2.Great luminance,no radiation and no light pollution:The traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide can not compare with BAD63 lamp in energy saving.It has higher 60% than them.The light can be used efficiently.It is shining intensively avoid the light pollution.And it can enhance the green environment protection.The source of light don’t have any poisonous gas,including lead and Hg.There are no ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

3.Efficient distribution for two times:Under the same power,it can be made the illuminance lifting over 30%.

4.Installing conveniently and reliably.

5.Fine control of heat dissipation:As opposed to environment temperature,its temperature is not more than 25℃.

6.Even light color:Without any lens or dropping the brightness,make sure it has no aperture and the light color is even.

7.Low maintenance cost:As opposed to the traditional explosion-proof lamp,this kind of lamp with LED has low maintenance cost.After the comparison,you can recover all the cost during two years.

8.Wide voltage range:input 85V~265V AC or 40V~20V DC.Starting fast can restrain the temperature being low.Which would make it starting hard.

9.Wide scope:This series lamps can be relied on the solar energy and wind energy to use.It can form a group for green energy-saving illumination.Generally,the voltage can depend on the user’s demands.You can choose 12/24V DC or 110/220V AC.

10.Wide range for shining,no glare:LED with great power use the radiant angle over 120°.It can vanish the glare,and safety of illumination.

11.Fine color rendering:Color rendering index can reach over 80CRI,which can recover the color better and improve the resolution.

12.Low loss and high efficient:The light efficiency can reach over 85%.And the power factor is more than 0.95.

Main technical parameters

TypeRated VoltageRated PowerDegree of ProtectionLuminariesEx-markErosion-proof classCable's outer dia. (Φ,mm)Inlet thread (G)
IAC220V DC36V20W,30W,40W,50WIP66LEDExd II CT6 is equal to  II CT6(EN)      DIP A20 TA,T6 is equal to  II 1D ExtD A20 T6(EN)WF1Φ10~Φ143/4”
II20Wx3, 20Wx4, 20Wx5

          Outline & installation dimensions

SH-BFBD explosion-proof lamp(plateform lamp II C)

Installation accessories and spare parts

1Lamp530° bend-rod type
2Lighting box690° bend-rod type