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  • SH-BYGD explosion-proof & corrosion-proof full plastic fluorescent lamp(T5 tube) (edq II C)

SH-BYGD explosion-proof & corrosion-proof full plastic fluorescent lamp(T5 tube) (edq II C)


1. Hazardous; division1&2

2. Explosive gas atmosphere: IIA, IIB, IIC

3. Indoor and outdoor serious corrosive place(IP65)



1.The enclosure is made of reinforced poly carbonate with high strength,strong impact resistant,high temperature resistant and cold resistant properties.

2.The fluorescent lamp adopts the latest T5 super fine fluorescent light source with following properties:

a.Short,with more precise illumination control.

b.High light effect,more suitable for actual luminous condition and,the light effect can reach up 1041m/W.

c.Overlong switch times and service life,the life time is up to 20000 hours.

d.c.High lumen sustaining rate and show light wane,after 10000hours,the lumen sustaining rate can reach up to 92%.

e.Improve the light beam distribution with high colour recdering property and energy-saving and environment protection.The luminous flux of 28W T5 lamp tube is more than 36W T8 lamp tube.

3.The reflector is cambered bending which makes light beam distribution more reasonable.

4.Built-in explosion-proof electronic ballast which is made specially by our company,it is with short circuit and open circuit protection function,There are stand by circuits for aging effect and air leakage of lamp tube to make the lamp can worm normally with high effect and energy-saving of COS Ф ≥ 0.98.The lamp had wide voltage input and can work normally in the voltage range of 170~250 and can maintain constant power output with out influence on light effect.

5.The enclosure shall be equipped with explosion-proof breather.

6.It adopts buckle type between the lamp body and transparent shade of fluorescent lamp,which makes the combination tighter.And it adopts the specially designed sealing strip with dual sealing functions and the protection becomes more perfect.

7.Convenient maintenance,just put the screw driver into small gate of the buckle to open and close.

8.Built in explosion-proof travel switch is equipped with interlock device of opening cover and power off.

9.The emergency device can be equipped with lamp on request.

Main Technical parameters

Power (W)Voltage (V)Charging time(h)Emergency start time(s)Emergency lighting (min)Ex-markDegree of protectionErosion-proof classCable outer dia.(mm)
28x1(J)220240.390Exdeq II CT4IP65              IP66WF2Ф8~Ф13Ф10~Ф14

Indicate it when ordering.

Outline dimension

SH-BYGD explosion-proof