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  • BF2 8158-S explosion-proof & corrosion-proof junction board

BF2 8158-S explosion-proof & corrosion-proof junction board


1.Hazardous:division 1&2 or zone 20,21,22

2.Explosive gas atmosphere :class II A,II B,II C or flammable dust atmosphere

3.Serious erosive gas environment

4.Indoor and outdoor(IP65,IP66)

5.Temperature class:T1~T4/T5/T6



1. The enclosure is pressed by glass fibre unsaturated polyester resin with high intensity,erosion-proof and good thermal stability properties.

2. Labybrith structure, with serious water, dust and erosion-proof functions.

3. There are various enclosure,according to current, connection terminals and outlets,single enclosure or combination of single enclosure can be selected to satisfy requirement.

Main technical parameter

Rated current (A)Rated voltage (V)Degree of protectionEx-markErosion-proof class
10,16220IP65,66Exe II T4/T5/T6 is equal to  II 2G Exe II T4/T5T/T6(EN)            DIP A20 TA,T4/T5/T6 is equal to  II D ExtD A20 T4/T5/T6(EN)WF2

 Outline and installation dimension

Gland thread (M)Gland thread (G)Cable outer diameter(mm)
M40G1 1/4Ф16~Ф25
M50G1 1/2Ф20~Ф32

Outline & installation dimensions

BF2 8158-S explosion-proof

Ordering note

1.According to the model implication's rules to select regularly,and Ex-mark should be added behind mode implication.

2.If there are some special requirements,it should be pointed as ordering.