The Craps is often considered one of the casino games the most exciting. And it is certainly not by chance because the game is conducive to group play, fun, and girls love this game! You have certainly come across one of these films where a man plays craps with a dream creature.

Introduction To Craps

Craps is not the most obvious game to master, but it remains easily understandable.

First of all, you should know that craps are played with two 6-sided dice, i.e., two traditional dice. You play the dice on a craps table, consisting of large vertical walls to prevent the dice from falling to the ground. A craps table is generally managed by 4 croupiers.

Finally, be aware that craps are an excellent game since it limits the casino singapore online‘s advantage below 1%.

In craps, the players throw the dice each in a clockwise direction.

Craps Rules 

Small detail before starting, the craps being mainly played in the Anglo-Saxon casinos, the majority of the terms used is of English origin.

Craps is, therefore, a game of dice that is played by many. The main principle of the game is, by simplifying, to predict what will be the score consisting of the result of the roll of the two dice. You can play against the bank (the dealer) or against other players.

The result of the first throw is decisive. If the player has obtained a 7 or 11, the PASS bets are automatically paid and withdrawn (1 time the bet). If the player got a 2, 3, or 12, the player is said to have made craps, and the PASS bets are lost and immediately withdrawn.

If the player has obtained another score (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), this score becomes what is called the POINT. In this case, all bets on the pass line are awaiting the result of the next throw.

Once the point is established, for example, 5, the player replayed as many times as necessary to obtain this point again (the 5 in our case). Be careful, however, if the player gets a 7 in the meantime, he loses online casino betting Singapore, and a new player rolls the dice to start a new game. If, on the other hand, he remakes the point (a 5, for example), he begins a new game, and the point is deleted.

A small plastic disc is placed on the number that takes stock, to avoid getting lost!

So much for the game of craps. It is basically a roll or a succession of rolls of dice (if the point is established) until a 7 appears or the player redoes the point.

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