Video Poker is a game that appeared in the 1970s, halfway between poker and online slot Malaysia. It was the game that allowed casino operators to make their slot machine sexier and to attract a wider audience. And the popular craze is no coincidence; video poker is THE casino game that offers the best chances of winning! Some consider that video poker is the slot machine for those who think.

Video Poker is not really similar to Open Poker in the sense that you are facing a machine. So there is no notion of bluffing, and you can take the time you want to play.

{Tip} In video poker, your chances of winning depend exclusively on your decisions.

How To Play A Game Of Video Poker:

  • You bet

  • The machine then supplies five cards

  • You decide which cards to throw/keep

  • If you have discarded some cards, new ones will appear.

  • Depending on the value of the combination of cards, you win or lose.

It is important to bet every time the “max bet.” This allows you to “qualify” to hit the jackpot of the royal flush. For this, choose the lower limits (10 or 20 cents) rather than the 1 euro machines. For information, it takes an average of 80 hours to hit a royal flush (you have a chance in 40,000). That doesn’t mean you have to wait 80 hours; you can hit two in 30 minutes, it’s just an average.

What Are The Standard Combinations For Video Poker?

The combinations in video poker are the same as in traditional poker:

  • High Card

  • Pair: two identical cards

  • Two pairs

  • Three of a kind: three identical cards

  • Continuation: five cards in succession

  • Color: five cards of the same family

  • Full: a set and a pair

  • Square: four identical cards

  • Royal Flush: 10-VDR-As from the same family.

The combinations may vary depending on the type of machine.

What Type Of Video Poker Machine Should I Play On?

In video poker, there are many variations, and not all offer the same chances of winning. In general, to compare the attractiveness of two machines, we compare the gains for a “full” and a “suite.” You will favor the video poker, which pays the best these two combinations (full and suite).

For beginners, the “jacks or better” variant is the most profitable. She bears this name because you have to get a pair of valets (at least) to be paid.

If you use a good strategy, the jacks or better version offers a return rate of 99.5%. The advantage of the casino is therefore reduced to its minimum!

For experienced players, the “deuces wild” variant can offer a redistribution rate greater than 100%. Winning strategies are much more complex, but they are highly rewarded.

In Deuces Wild, both have the value of wild cards and can replace any card.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

In video poker, unlike slot machines, your decisions directly influence your chances of winning. Here are some tips for a winning strategy following the two main variants.

Tips For Jacks Or Better

  • Never keep three cards of a suit or suit, except if they are high cards (Ace, King, Queen, or Jack).

  • When you have four cards from a straight flush, always draw the fifth card to make a straight flush, even if you have a pair served.

  • Always use the maximum coin bet to go after the jackpot of the royal flush.

  • Never keep a high card accompanying a pair.

  • Never undo a high pair (unless you have four cards of a straight flush).

  • Always prefer color after.

{tip} It is very important to respect all of these rules to limit the casino’s advantage even if your balance fluctuates a lot. {/ tip}

Tips For The Deuces Wild

  • Never throw a 2.

  • If you get two pairs (without 2), throw one.

  • A pair is better than four cards of a suit or suit.

  • Never keep a high card alone.

  • Don’t be surprised if you discard your five cards more often than you do for Jacks or Better.

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