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Instrument Armored Cable Gland

Nov. 22, 2018

Explosion-proof flexures are designed for explosion-proof instruments. Many functions are redundant and inconvenient for intrinsically safe watches and those that do not require explosion protection.

The Explosion Proof Cable Gland is also called the cable fixing head, which is installed at the connection between the cable and the electrical equipment, and functions as a lead-in cable, a fixed position, a seal, and an explosion-proof function.

In general, the intrinsically safe instrument can be fixed, waterproof, sealed, and it is flame retardant. Engineering plastics can meet the requirements; for the explosion-proof instrument, the gland sometimes needs to form a pressure relief channel to absorb energy. The gland with such a function is usually made of metal.

After the instrument wire is led out from the granule, leave a length of less than one meter in the space and then pass through the pipe or into the wireway. The inlet of the pipe and the inlet of the wireway are preferably also fixed by a gland.

Signal lines other than current, resistance, and switching. If it is not a shielded wire, it is best not to use a gland. The compensation gauze should be used with caution.

If armored cable is used, only the Armored Cable Gland is required, no flexible pipe is required, and the armored cable entry box is also an armored cable gland; if it is a non-twisted cable, it is equipped with a cable gland + flexible pipe, The tube is connected to the tee, the tee is connected to the threading tube. The threading tube is connected to the cable gland of the junction box via a flexible tube. The incoming line of the junction box is at the bottom of the box, so it is generally unnecessary to add three-way drainage.

The cable gland is a cable entry device. For explosion-proof instruments, the purpose is to cooperate with the instrument itself to protect against explosion. There is no explosion-proof requirement at the threading pipe, and the cable sealing joint is waterproof, and some of the materials are small.

Armored Cable Gland