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[Armored Cable Gland Supplier China]Analysis of leakage mechanism of cable stuffing box

May. 14, 2019

Analysis of leakage mechanism of cable galnd

Armored Cable Gland leakage, can be directly observed from the outside of the funnel, the following two aspects are analyzed:

1 internal cause

(1) quality of spare parts

· lack of tension and elasticity;

· the inner arc of the oil scraping ring and sealing ring is inconsistent with the outer circle of the piston rod;

· errors in positioning pin and keyhole processing;

· no gaps between paragraphs;

· the sealing ring is too thin and the gap between it and the ring groove on the body is too large;

· the internal circular arc of the scraper blade is significantly inconsistent with the external circle of the piston rod;

(2) abnormal conditions

· excessive wear of oil scraping ring and sealing ring, resulting in too small or no gap between each section;

· spring breaks or loses elasticity;

· each group is stuck in the ring groove;

· only the upper or lower portion of the sealing ring is replaced for each set of rings;

· the locating pin falls off;

Explosion-proof Armored Cable Glands

2 external cause

(1) device quality

· the Explosion Proof Cable Gland body is not completely seated or inclined;

· the rubber ring outside the body of the stuffing box is damaged or has no device;

· two halves of the stuffing box body are not fastened on a horizontal line;

· the tension hook is broken or not connected;

(2) abnormal phenomena

· the piston rod is subject to corrosion (for example, the steam valve of the steam blowing device of the residual pipe in the scavenging air box is not closed);

· irregular wear of piston rod;

· the piston rod is out of alignment with the cylinder liner (if the gap between the crosshead guide plate is too large);

3 maintenance management

The working environment and conditions of each ring of Explosion Proof Armored Cable Glands are poor, especially the first ring. Clarify the book rules, each time the customary hanging cylinder should also be removed inspection stuffing box, measurement of all ring wear, the main points to view the first group of rings and the following four groups of oil scraping ring blade, if wear near the limit, it is necessary to replace, and replace the upper and lower parts of the group together. If scraper exceeds limit, change scraper only can.

Usually, check the filler box next to the tube funnel, if found in a cylinder funnel air clarify the first three groups of ring seal is not good, only after the oil flow clarify four groups of scraping ring seal is not good. As the leak volume continues to increase, a crash replacement is necessary. Able to collapse from crankcase into the field, no need to collapse when the cylinder stuffing box.

Sometimes, after the replacement of new spare parts, the leakage may be large at the beginning. In addition to the device factors, the main reason is that the inner appearance of each ring does not match the piston rod's outer circle. After the demand is adjusted for a period of time, the leakage will gradually decrease.