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Cable Glands Applied in Communications Electronics

May. 22, 2018

The rapid development of the communications and electronics industry has been well demonstrated on 4G networks. In particular, the 4G communication base station has been widely built. The products are required to be suitable for various environmental climates, and at the same time, the protection performance, fire performance, oxidation resistance, and durability are required. Life expectancy is demanding. Waterproof Brass Cable Gland, Double Compression Explosion Proof Cable Glands are applied in this fields widely.

Application of industry cable glands

The information industry includes traditional information departments such as telecommunications, telephones, printing, publishing, news, broadcasting, and television, as well as information departments such as emerging electronic computers, lasers, optical fibers, and communication satellites.

Technical requirements of industry cable glands

(1) Temperature range: -40°C~+100°C;

(2) Resistance to salt spray corrosion, generally requires 1% NaCl solution for 96 hours with no black spots or corrosion.

(3) High reliability. The equipment is operated in a few people's areas or places far away from the city. Maintenance is difficult. Therefore, high reliability is required and maintenance is reduced.

(4) Electromagnetic compatibility requirements. The interference before the electrical equipment is severe. Therefore, electromagnetic compatibility must be considered.

Waterproof Brass Cable Gland