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Guidelines for the selection of explosion-proof products

May. 28, 2019

Guidelines for the selection of explosion-proof products shared by China Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier.

When selecting explosion-proof products, attention should be paid to the main elements such as blasting gas environment, protection grade, anti-corrosion grade requirements, so as to ensure that the explosion-proof products fit the application requirements. In case of upgrading or modification, it is necessary to replace the explosion-proof products of corresponding grades and groups in time to ensure environmental safety. Detailed selection criteria are as follows:

1. safety and reliability criteria: the category, grade and group of equipment shall be appropriate to the operating environment;

2. economic criteria: equipment type selection is not required to be high; for products of the same grade, factors such as price, life, reliability, operating cost and energy consumption, and availability of spare parts should be considered;

3. environmental adaptability criteria: considering environmental temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure; Shell protection level and corrosion resistance, etc.;

Guidelines for the selection of explosion-proof products

4. protective criteria: under the same conditions, products with simple structure and light weight shall be selected; When necessary, the system operation requirements should also be considered. For example, continuous active system should give priority to the selection of substantial safety products.

5. additional requirements:

A) only Ex ia products shall be used in area 0, and double explosion protection requirements may be considered if necessary;

B) devices and high-voltage devices that often form a ignition source in the shell should not be selected in the area 1;

C) equipment with unstable temperature rise shall not be used in area 2, and Ex d/Ex p equipment shall be selected if necessary.

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