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Detonation of Connecting Bolts

Apr. 21, 2018

Loss of explosion means that electrical equipment has lost its resistance to explosion and explosion.

Detonation of connecting bolts

1, Lack of bolts, spring washers or nuts, bolts or screw hole slip, broken bolts in the screw hole.

2. The spring washer is not flat or the bolt is loose, and the spring washer is broken or inelastic. (When the spring washer breaks or loses elasticity occasionally, check the explosion-proof gap. If it does not exceed the limit, replace it with a qualified spring washer and do not lose it.)

3, Using plastic or light alloy material homemade bolts or nuts.

4. After the retainer or countersunk fastener is tightened, the upper plane of the bolt head or nut exceeds the retainer or the counterbore.

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5, Screw holes and bolts do not match.

6, Spring washer specifications and bolts are not suitable.

7, The same parts of the device bolts, nuts and other specifications should be consistent. The length of the threaded bolt into the screw hole shall not be less than the size of the bolt diameter, and the cast iron, copper and aluminum parts shall not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the bolt; if the depth of the screw hole is not deep enough, full buckle must be applied; otherwise it will be explosion.

8, Through-hole bolts are not exposed 3-5 wire (including nuts).

9, The pressure plate can not add spring washers, but both ends are inconsistent.

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