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Safety requirements for installation of electrical equipment

Jul. 03, 2019

Safety requirements for installation of electrical equipment shared by Explosion Proof Cable Gland supplier.

1. North American NPT threads should not be connected with English threads. NPT threads should be connected with corresponding firm tightening and loosening control methods.

2. Cables and conductors may be connected in one of the following two ways:

A) direct introduction and connection by junction box or plug device.

B) directly introduced, using the connection method in the enclosure. No spark, arc or risk temperature occurs during normal operation of electrical equipment; The additional power is no more than 250w, and the current is no more than 5A, so the direct introduction method is allowed.

No matter which method of introduction is chosen, measures shall be adopted to prevent damage to terminals during cable delay or change.

It can be carried out by hand without removing the climate protection or protective cover when generally checking the strict condition of the imported cable equipment. Prevent overexertion, which may damage the internal wire. View in detail the ability to disassemble cables to introduce equipment.

3. All wires and cable joints must be tightly pressed to prevent bad touch or short circuit. For example, when replacing the bulb, it is necessary to hold the bulb contact against the lamp holder, and do not shake.

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4. Anti-condensation equipment, such as breathing element, drainage element or heating element, should be inspected to ensure correct operation.

5. In the casing to open equipment (except the Ann circuit equipment) view, should pay attention to the related connection (such as input, neutral line, output, etc.) to block, namely: pull the fuse and fuse, or disconnect block, switches, until satisfactory time make the appearance temperature or the storage of electricity fell to not cause ignited, talents open shell.

6. During the application of explosion-proof products, dust will accumulate on the exterior of the products at home and abroad, which will affect the heat dissipation of the shell. In order to ensure the normal operation of the products, dust on the exterior should be cleaned at least once a month.

7. The planning, production, inspection, application and protection of explosion-proof electrical equipment should be based on the requirements of "electrical integral explosion-proof". Pay attention to the prevention: the main machine explosion-proof, the accessories are not explosion-proof; Explosion-proof equipment and instrument; One part of the same kind of equipment is explosion-proof, while the other part is not explosion-proof; The types of explosion-proof equipment are not complete, the spare parts are not complete and the construction has problems.

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