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Management measures for valve stuffing box leakage

May. 10, 2019

Management measures for valve stuffing box leakage 

Explosion Proof Cable Gland Supplier shares that valve stuffing box leakage is due to packing or packing ran out of the media can not be sealed. Valve stuffing box with pressure plugging is aimed at this leakage and take no parking, no pressure relief measures to make up for the packing, of course, the packing made up and the original packing is different. I will introduce its specific steps below, and hope that you can put forward Suggestions for improvement on the basis of understanding its basic principles.

First, make a "G" shaped fixture, its size depends on the size of the valve and field conditions.

Second, drill a glue injection hole on the valve packing box. First, drill a blind hole no less than 5mm deep with a bit of about 11mm, install a "G" shaped fixture, tighten the top pressure bolt, and then drill through the glue injection joint with a bit of 6mm until the medium comes out of the hole and stops.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland Supplier

Third, install the glue gun, gradually loosen the valve packing gland, and inject fu-47 sealant together, until the leakage is sealed to stop. In this should pay special attention to the sealant can only choose fu-47 sealant, that is, we often say graphite-filled sealant, otherwise blocked after the valve switch difficult, if the high temperature valve will not be able to switch.

It is very useful to plug the leakage of middle and low pressure valve packing with this method. Because the high pressure valve is short of the experimental data of the damage degree of the valve due to the drilling stress, it is advocated that the leakage of high pressure valve packing with pressure is not carried out for the time being.

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