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Explosion Loss Reasons And Prevention

May. 04, 2018

We use explosion-proof products, such as Explosion-proof Cable Glands, Explosion-proof Electrical Apparatus in some places needed. In this news, we will talk about explosion-proof electrical equipment explosion loss reasons and prevention.

1. The protection layer of the electrical equipment is improperly maintained and overhauled, causing the explosion-proof surface to fall onto the dust and other debris. Therefore, maintenance personnel must pay attention to the explosion-proof joint surface during the inspection of electrical equipment to prevent coal dust and debris from sticking to it.

2. The shell of the explosion-proof electrical equipment that falls from the top of the underground will be damaged. The deformation and mechanical damage of the shell caused by improper movement and relocation can cause the explosion-proof electrical equipment to fail. Be careful when moving and relocating equipment for this purpose.

3. No special tools or misoperations occurred during the loading and unloading process. Therefore, each component must be marked with a stamp, matching the number of matching.

4, The screw-fastened flameproof surface, because the depth of the screw hole is too shallow or the screw is too long to fasten the parts well. For this purpose, check whether there is any foreign material in the screw hole and whether the screw is in good condition. Check and handle it before assembling.

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