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Explosion Proof Cable Clamping Sealing Joint

Sep. 16, 2019

Explosion Proof Armored Cable Glands tightly sealing joint:

Flameproof flameproof tube is designed for flameproof instrument, many functions of the ammeter and the occasions where explosion proof is not needed are redundant and troublesome to use.

Gland is also called explosion-proof armoured cable clamping tight sealing joint, which is installed in the connection of cable and electrical equipment, and plays the role of introducing cable, fixing position, sealing and flameproof.

Generally speaking, this instrument can be fixed, waterproof, sealed, flame retardant itself. Engineering plastics can meet the requirements; The gran head of the flameproof instrument is sometimes required to form a pressure relief channel and absorb energy. Gran head with this kind of function is usually made of metal.

After the instrument lead is drawn out from the tight sealing joint of Explosion Proof Cable Gland, leave a length of less than one meter in the space, and then run through the pipe or into the sink. It is better to use gran head to fix the inlet of pipe mouth and manifold channel (other measures are also ok).

If the signal line other than current, resistance and switch quantity is not a shielded wire, it is better not to use gran head (preferably shielded wire), compensation wire using gran head should be careful.

Explosion Proof Armored Cable Glands

SHBDM-7 Explosion-proof Cable Clamping Sealing Joint For Armored Cable

If armored cables are used, only explosion-proof armored cables need to be clamped tightly sealing joint, and flexible pipes are not needed. The armored cables are also clamped tightly sealing joint after explosion-proof armored cables enter the junction box. If not armored cable, with cable sealing joint + flexible pipe, flexible pipe and tee (drainage) connection, tee and threading pipe connection. The threading pipe is connected to the cable sealing joint of the junction box through the flexible pipe. The incoming line of the junction box is at the bottom of the box, so it is generally unnecessary to add a tee drain.

Explosion Proof Cable Clamping Sealing Joint is the cable introduction device, for explosion-proof instrument, the purpose is to play the explosion-proof role with the instrument itself. There is no explosion-proof requirement at the threading pipe, so the cable sealing joint is waterproof.

Gland (gran) is a universal cable introduction device in the world. There are other types of cable clamps in China. For example, nanyang explosion-proof electrical machinery factory insisted on using their straight out of the bucket, divided into bell mouth and thread mouth two. For electrical, they sometimes do not use gran, but use threaded mouth + sealed rubber ring. The above two methods are in line with the national explosion - proof specifications.