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Characteristics Of The Armored Gland Ring Of The Compressor

Oct. 08, 2018

First, the installed armor of the compressor

The Sealing Joint For Armored Cable is a seal that covers the piston rod and the piston rod passes through one end of the cylinder. The packing consists of one or more rings and is contained in a box. The general box is bolted to the cylinder, and the ring of the gland may provide exhaust, lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning, pressure testing and Temperature, piston rod position detection and leakage measurement. The typical compressor's armored gland is composed of a series of sealing rings, each of which is designed to limit or prevent airflow into the isolation chamber or atmosphere. Each packing ring is mounted in a separate packing box slot. Each sealing ring is tightly clamped to the piston rod for sealing action while being tightly attached to the packing box groove surface at right angles to the axis of the piston rod. The seal ring can float freely in the groove of the packing box or can move freely laterally along the piston rod.

Second, the characteristics of the general Explosion Proof Cable Gland ring

 BT type, BD type and P type are the most commonly used packing ring forms. These three packing rings have many different forms, but the sealing principle used is the same, and the conditions affecting normal operation are the same. There are two reasons for making a packing ring into a split split: the first reason is to facilitate installation on the piston rod; the second reason is to be able to move freely in the radial direction to close the piston rod. Radial free motion can allow for small changes in size and can provide a friction margin. All packing rings are left with sufficient initial slit clearance during production. No adjustment is required during the entire life of the packing ring. When the packing ring is worn to the two-petal butt joint, the packing ring is discarded. For many packing rings, The proper opening is maintained by adjusting the gap of the slit, but in practice, the packing ring that has been worn to such an extent is rarely reused. The inner bore of the piston ring after wear is no longer circular, indicating that repairing the slit clearance does not correct the poor contact between the piston ring and the piston rod.

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