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Common Explosion Proof Safety Hazards Of Equipment In Explosion Hazardous Areas

Sep. 12, 2018

First, the explosion-proof safety hazard in the selection of equipment

1. Use ordinary electrical products in explosive places.

2. Use electrical equipment for coal mine underground in the factory.

3. Explosion-proof electrical equipment for gas environment is selected in an explosive dust environment.

4. From the appearance of the product, it looks like an explosion-proof product. However, these products actually have neither a product nameplate nor an explosion-proof mark and product certification information. At the same time, it can not provide the three products without the product's explosion-proof certificate.

5. Counterfeit and shoddy products with explosion-proof information brand name are judged by ordinary professional testers as ordinary products.

6. In the dangerous place with IIC substances, use IIB explosion-proof products.

7. The equipment selection requirement is T4 temperature group, and the explosion-proof product with temperature group T1 is actually selected.

Second, the explosion-proof safety hazard exists in the installation of electrical equipment

1. Explosion Proof Cable Gland introduction does not meet the requirements.

2. The excess inlet hole is sealed with glue/plastic closure/unblocked.

3, the fastening bolts are inconsistent, missing, loose, rust, lack of bombs, flat pads.

4. The cable or wire inlet of the explosion-proof electrical equipment is directly connected to the steel pipe.

5. The flexible pipe is directly connected to the equipment, and the cable introduction device is not installed.

6. The cable entry device installed in the explosion-proof equipment does not match the explosion-proof type.

7. The gap of the flameproof joint surface of the explosion-proof equipment is too large.

8. Corrosion of the flameproof joint surface.

9. The applicator or padded at the flameproof joint between the cover and Explosion Proof Control Junction Box.

10. The independent explosion-proof chambers are mutually conductive and there is no isolation and sealing measures.

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