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Introducing Several Rare Types Of Explosion-proof Glands

Oct. 17, 2018

First, the pressure reduction ring

The simplest form of an Explosion Proof Cable Gland is a decompression ring that primarily controls or limits the leakage of air rather than a tight seal. For the PA ring type, the orifice is the interval between the piston rod and the inner bore of the ring. For a P-type pressure reducing ring, the orifice is the interval of each combined ring port. The function of the two rings is similar, however, the PA type has a smaller load on the piston rod than the P type, but the throttle area is more difficult to control. The most important function of the pressure reducing ring is to prevent the gas from rapidly expanding from the explosion-proof gland to the cylinder during the suction stroke. During the suction stroke, the pressure in the cylinder is rapidly reduced to the suction pressure, and the masonry in the packing box is reversed. The tendency to flow back to the cylinder, if there is no throttling restriction, the ring of the sealing gland will explode, causing early damage or failure of the sealing ring.

Second, BT type packing ring

The BT type packing ring consists of a butt/tangential ring and a radial slit ring (towards the high pressure side). The two sealing rings of each pair of packing rings are joined together so that the inboard slit of the inside tangential slit ring The slits of the outer radial slit ring are staggered so that gas cannot pass through the packing ring. The two rings must work well with the piston rod to allow the packing ring to work effectively.

Third, BD type packing ring

The BD type packing ring seals the pressure in both directions. The BD type packing ring consists of two tangential/butt tangential ports that are partially staggered, thus preventing airflow leakage. The BT type packing ring has all the important features of a tight seal.

Fouth. Comments on the above-mentioned explosion-proof granules

The leakage amount of any type of packing ring or lip seal can only be estimated based on experimental or actual operational data. The leakage path of the ring of the Flameproof Armored Cable Gland is not from the design, but because of tolerance or other types. The characteristics of the compressor and the ring itself are formed.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland