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Explosion Proof Cable Gland Often Encounter Problems

Oct. 25, 2018

(1) Installation Explosion Proof Cable Gland process: For example, first fix the component A on the box; after stripping the cable, insert the components G, F, E, C, B onto the cable; place D between C and E, spin Tightening E, pressing the suede D; finally screwing G, E.

(2) This installation process solves the problem of grounding of the suede extremely simply, which is very practical, but why in practice it is difficult to install the armored cable with the anti-screw direction to wrap the steel strip and it is difficult to tighten or even destroy. The problem of the rubber sealing ring, according to the above structure, it can be known that when the female E is screwed, it is due to the strong friction between the steel strip D and the oblique member C, E, and forcibly brings the steel strip to one The direction is driven. If the steel strip is just in the direction, the more the screw is tighter, if the steel strip is in the opposite direction, the steel strip will be slack, and the more the spiral is swiftly arched, even the component E is stuck and cannot continue. Tighten. If the supervision needs to be inspected, when disassembling the granules of the reverse-wrapped steel strip (the same direction when tightening), some of them will directly arch and cut the smashed sealing rubber, resulting in the need to replace the new Armored Cable Gland, if In remote areas or underdeveloped areas abroad, it will be very troublesome.

(3) Why is it possible to install the wire armor without any problem? According to the above analysis, the reason is simple. The wire can be changed in two directions, unlike the steel belt, which has only one direction.

(4) In the production practice, the structure is relatively simple, and it is widely used in the installation of large armored power cables. However, for the structure of the ring with the ring is often used in the installation of relatively small instrument communication cable, instrument communication The armored cable generally prefers to use steel wire armor, so in the construction of the instrument cable, this installation problem will not be encountered anyway. Similarly, in developed countries abroad, steel wire armored cables are more common, while domestic power cables are generally equipped with steel tape armored cables.

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