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Suggestions For Solving The Problem Of Explosion Proof Cable Gland

Oct. 28, 2018

In the last article we mentioned some common problems, today Explosion Proof Cable Gland Supplier will analyze the solution to the problem. The key point of the problem is caused by the problem of the wrapping direction of the cable ties and the opposite direction of the rotation of the aunt. So I have to use the following methods to solve:

(1) Since only the current structure of Explosion Proof Cable Gland, it is necessary to successfully complete the installation task, so the solution adopted on site: 1 before the installation, the suede is cut flat with iron scissors, can not be uneven 2 with a trowel to smooth, ten million Do not have a breach, especially a sharp mouth, the circled part in Figure 8; 3 the skin is exposed to the outer insulation layer is about 1.5cm, and when the inner oblique ring is inserted into the suede, the suede is just over 3mm of the metal ring. Then tighten the aunt, then tighten the tightness so that the top of the suede is between the entire oblique opening. If it is disassembled, it will not hurt other places. 4. After the suede is finished, it can be painted before tightening. Upper Vaseline, preferably a special conductive paste for electric power, in order to increase the lubrication, does not loosen the belt in the opposite direction when tightening, and even twists and deforms to tighten or damage the sealing rubber. The above method is for tightening the reverse direction. In fact, the same direction of the steel stripping direction and the tightening direction should be done in the same direction, so that in the event of disassembly, it can also smoothly exit without being cut by the reverse direction. Seal rubber.

(2) Of course, by analyzing the structure, it can be found that if the manufacturer can modify the structure or properly handle it, it can solve the problem of installation of such steel strips fundamentally: 1 use D, add slip ring, but it is convenient to insert thick The steel strip makes the apron not rotate the suede when it is rotated, so as to make the slip between the aunt and the steel strip as much as possible; 2 Similarly, if the structure of the slip surface can be modified, it will not be driven when tightened or loosened. The steel strip can be used for multi-layer thin steel strips. 3 Whether it is possible to adopt a structure like a live knot, first fix the steel strip and then butt it, so that the steel strip can be completely prevented from participating in the tightening or unscrewing process, which may be the most fundamental solution.

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