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Quality Identification Method For Explosion-proof Enclosure

Dec. 26, 2018

The quality identification of explosion-proof explosion-proof electrical appliances begins with the quality of the explosion-proof enclosure. Today, Explosion Proof Cable Gland Supplier mainly tells everyone: the strength of the flameproof enclosure.

GB3836.1 stipulates that the outer casing of the explosion-proof explosion-proof electrical appliance shall be able to withstand the specified impact without damage, and the normally installed Class II equipment shall withstand the impact of 7G. The flameproof enclosure should be able to withstand the pressure generated by the internal explosion without damage, and refers to the explosion-proof performance of the flameproof enclosure. In order to ensure the explosion-proof performance of the flameproof enclosure, GB3836.2 requires the specified static pressure test (hydraulic pressure test) routine test or 4 times the reference pressure to verify and ensure the strength of the explosion-proof casing.

The shell material, shape structure, process method and shell wall thickness of the flameproof shell determine the strength of the shell, and the wall thickness requirements of the different process products are also different. It is particularly important to note that the wall thickness of the flameproof enclosure cannot be reduced by pursuing a reduction in product cost.

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