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Cable Gland With A Shield At The Top

Apr. 04, 2019

The Flameproof Armored Cable Gland end has the use of stainless steel materials, can also be divided into plastic products and metal products according to the material: plastic products, there are some special places to use gran, that is, dust and water proof, with a shielding layer of cable; As for the protection level of the glen depends on the structure of the glen manufacturers. The main function of cable cap is to tighten and seal the cable. Most departments in the industry use brass, sealing is often referred to as IP protection, up to IP68. Cable gran is mainly divided into ordinary type and heavy: heavy type is distinguished from ordinary, fastening refers to the process of gran locking cable, in order to prevent corrosion will be nickel plating. If stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316L and so on.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland

So that the cable does not occur axial displacement and radial torsion, metal products, used for armored cable armored cable waterproof joint; Used in explosion-proof places. Cable grantou is widely used in mechanical equipment electrical, Marine electrical, corrosion protection equipment wire and cable fixing and care. Mainly heavy industry type, such as shielded cable waterproof joint, used for mine and other dangerous areas of explosion-proof cable waterproof joint a. This ensures that the cable connection is normal. At present, nylon materials (PA6, PA66) and PVDF are mainly used in the industry.

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