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Installation Procedure And Precautions Of Explosion Proof Cable Gland

Mar. 23, 2019

1. According to the needs of distribution box wiring, strip the outer sheath of appropriate cable length to reveal the armored metal layer of the Explosion Proof Cable Gland.

2. The appropriate length of armoring is reserved to cut the excess part and the cable is treated.

3. The processed cables are passed through parts 6 and 5 successively, wherein part 6 is equipped with a sealing ring and is sheathed on the cable sheath.

 See the structural drawing of explosion proof stuffing box below. 1. Base 2. Packing bushing 3. Cone 4. Ring 5. Stuffing box 6. Nut

Explosion Proof Cable Gland

4. The metal armoring part passes through 4 and turns out to do the grounding treatment of the cable. Then, pass the cable core through 3 and 2 in turn.

5. Mix the supporting sg-100 two kinds of packing materials to make the required packing, then add the filling material to the gap of cable core wire and around the core wire to make its size close to the inner diameter of part 2, and add an appropriate amount of packing in the cavity of part 3.

6. Insert the taper part of part 3 into the armoring, and set part 2 on part 3.

7. Screw part 1 on the inlet hole of the distribution box. Insert the cable through part 2~6 into piece 1, then screw part 5 onto part 1. In this way, part 4 is pressed on the metal armor and the cone of part 3, and part 2 and part 3 are fastened.

8. Screw part 6 onto part 5, and make the sealing ring in part 6 tighten on the cable outer sheath.

9. After the installation of the explosion-proof stuffing box, please ensure that the packing sleeve is full of stuffing and no bubbles, so as not to affect its performance.

Note: 1. Be careful not to damage the cable sheath when threading.

2. Cable should be wiped before packing, after packing spare parts on the wipe.

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