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Why Did The Explosion Proof Cable Gland Wear Out?

May. 07, 2019

Why Did The Explosion Proof Cable Gland Wear Out?

About the new Industrial Cable Gland spare parts, ring of the table in the table of the circle and the piston ring of the same circle, and the center of the table in the circle of the same point, that is, the radial width of the same. The outer surface has a tension ring, so that the internal surface of the force uniform.

After the new spare parts are used for a long time, the inner and outer table of each ring will wear normally, and the circular arc of the inner and outer table is still the same as the outer circle of the piston rod, only the central part of each section wears more, and the two ends wear less, that is, the radial width of each section after wear is not the same. After the normal wear and tear of paragraphs of circular arc is not in a concentric way, external circular arc center has moved to O 'point, reduce the spring tension on the cylindrical, the appearance of pressure inside the circle also each are not identical, paragraphs two table table except under pressure, also was very small radial sliding force along the cylindrical piston rod appearance.

Industrial Cable Gland

This will cause the gap between each paragraph is smaller and smaller, when the gap is 0, the table can not play the sealing effect. FIG. 5 shows the upper scraping ring of the first set of rings. The groove of the ring in the outer and inner table has been worn out, and there is also wear between each section. The top scraping ring of the first set of rings is directly touched with the grainy greasy waste in the scavenger box to make it wear out the fastest. In general, replacement should be carried out after the gap between paragraphs has been reduced by 50 per cent. If undertake changing, the fluctuation two parts of each group should undertake changing at the same time, because old annulus has certain wear away inside the circle, the radial width of old and new annulus can not be common. At the moment, the effect of each ring positioning pin will make the old ring be pushed open by the new ring, and the old ring is separated from the piston rod, resulting in the failure of oil scraping and sealing.

Scraper wear mechanism inside the oil ring is basically the same as above, single scraper narrow and thin can be fine deformation, such as installed in the oil ring ring groove, outside with a tension ring tight, the outer arc of the scraper is fixed, the outer arc of the table and the piston rod has been the same.

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