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Requirements for installation of explosion-proof electrical wiring and grounding

Jun. 18, 2019

Requirements for installation of explosion-proof electrical wiring and grounding shared by China Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier.

Requirements for wiring and grounding:

1. Connectors and grounding terminals shall be of satisfactory mechanical strength and shall be secure in connection, and shall not be subject to temperature changes, sensationals, etc. If you choose aluminum core cable you need to choose transition connector to prevent electrolytic corrosion.

2. The junction box of the metal shell and armoured cable of the electrical equipment shall be provided with external ground bolt and marked with ground symbol. Portable and mobile equipment do not have external ground bolts, but it is necessary to choose the cable with grounding core.

3. Special internal grounding bolts shall be installed inside the junction box of electrical equipment, and the mark of grounding symbol shall be marked. When the direct introduction method is selected, it is in the main cavity. However, internal and external ground bolts may not be installed for electrical equipment on motor vehicles.

4. Do not use the pipe to transport gas or liquid as the ground wire. If the equipment is on the metal frame that the equipment is grounded, or the equipment chooses the conduit wiring method equipment with outstanding grounding, can regard as having external ground. Electrical equipment shall be equipped with grounding connector next to the circuit connector in the wiring cavity.

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5. Electrical equipment and grounding wire connection, should choose a soft strand, its copper wire minimum section area is no less than 4 mm 2, vulnerable to mechanical damage parts should be installed with a protective pipe.

6. The diameter of the internal grounding bolt shall conform to the following rules:

A) when the section of conductive core wire is no more than 35mm2, it should be the same as the diameter of wiring bolt;

B) when the cross section of conductive core wire is larger than 35mm2, it shall be no less than the bolt diameter connecting half of the cross section of conductive core wire, but at least equal to the bolt diameter connecting 35mm2 conductive core wire.

7. The specifications of external ground bolts shall conform to the following rules:

A) a device with a power of 250w ~ 5kw, no less than M6;

B) equipment with power no more than 250w and current no more than 5A, no less than M5;

C) equipment and instruments of substantial safety type, whose external ground bolts can press the core wire tightly;

D) the grounding bolts shall be made of stainless steel or shall be plated to prevent rust.

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