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Distribution requirements for electrical equipment

May. 22, 2019

Distribution requirements for electrical equipment shared by China Explosion Proof Appliance Supplier.

  1. Three-phase and five-wire power supply system shall be selected to enter the blasting risk site; If be 3 phase 4 lines make, should be in safe place first change is 3 phase 5 lines make;

  2. Protect earth grounding resistance should be satisfied with the specification requirements (10 or less Ω);

  3. The effect of lightning on electrical equipment shall be considered;

  4. If the active power failure of electrical equipment may cause a greater risk than the risk of ignition, alarm equipment should be used to replace the active power failure equipment, but the alarm of the alarm equipment should be very obvious, in order to timely adopt remedial measures;

  5. In order to prevent sudden power failure and ensure the reliability of power supply, the blasting risk site shall be powered by double power sources and the equipment shall be actively switched;

  6. In case of emergency, one or more methods shall be used to cut off the electrical equipment at the risk site at the appropriate location or location. In order to prevent additional risks, it is necessary to run the electrical equipment should not be included in the emergency power circuit, but should be in a separate circuit;

  7. If necessary, the leakage protector can be installed. When the leakage current exceeds the limit, the power supply can be quickly blocked.

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