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Installation guide for explosion proof cable seal joints

Apr. 22, 2019

Installation guide for cable seal joints

Following shared by Explosion Proof Cable Gland Manufacturer.

1. The size of the thin wall hole is recommended to be + 0.2-0.3mm of the outer diameter of the thread of the cable sealing joint.

2. When the thickness of the thin wall is less than 1.5mm, it is recommended to use two nuts, or change the type 0 sealing ring into a flat washer.

3. When choosing the cable sealing joint, the thickness of the thin wall shall be measured first. If the thickness is too large, it shall be confirmed with the technician before purchase, so as to avoid the installation failure after purchase.

4. If it is threaded hole installation, the thread must be more than 3 teeth occlusion length (common link).

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