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What Is The Difference Between An Explosion-proof Control Box And A Distribution Box?

Aug. 17, 2018

Nowadays, many enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, and schools all use distribution boxes. The distribution box is the last-level power distribution facility in the power supply system. The control box is used in the low-voltage power grid system with AC voltage of 380V. When many people use it. Often confusing the two, is the control box and distribution box a product? Explosion Proof Control Box Supplier China tell you.

What is the Dust Proof Explosion Proof Control Box:

The control box is suitable for opening factories, mines, enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, schools, airports, ports, hospitals, high-rise buildings, living quarters, etc., AC 50HZ, rated working voltage is 380V AC low-voltage power grid system, as power, lighting distribution and For motor control, it is suitable for indoor wall-mounted, outdoor floor-mounted power distribution equipment.

What is a distribution box:

The distribution box is assembled according to the requirements of electrical wiring. The switchgear, measuring instrument, protective appliance and auxiliary equipment are assembled in a closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or on the screen to form a low-voltage power distribution device. The circuit can be switched on or off with a manual or automatic switch during normal operation.

The difference between the control box and the distribution box:

1. The distribution box is a small power distribution box that contains power switches and fuses. The explosion-proof distribution box is waterproof. One distribution box can be a power supply line and multiple power supply output circuits. The power supply output circuit is led from the distribution box to each power load.

2, the main function of the distribution box is only to switch the main circuit, and the control is a large current, the switch is mainly the circuit breaker type of distribution box is the distribution box; the main function of the distribution box is to control the secondary circuit Moreover, the current controlled is mainly a small current, and the main component in the box is a box type control box of the main electrical appliance.

3. The ambient temperature of the control box is not higher than +40 °C, the average temperature in the 24-hour period is not higher than +35 °C, and the lower limit of ambient air temperature is -5 °C;

4. The relative humidity of the control box is not more than 50% when the temperature is +40 °C. Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures, such as: 90% relative humidity at +20 °C, taking into account that occasional condensation may occur due to temperature changes.

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