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Comparison between explosion-proof fluorescent lamps and explosion-proof flood lamps

Sep. 03, 2019

The performance of explosion-proof fluorescent lamps can be roughly divided into four aspects: “white light color, fixed protection, placement performance, heat dissipation”. In the production process, a reasonable balance can be selected between these four properties according to the use. For example, an explosion proof flood lamp that does not require a luminous amount can be designed with only attention to white light color, fixed protection, and placement performance.

explosion proof flood lamp

Explosion-proof Fluorescent Lamp   

For the explosion-proof fluorescent lamps for general illumination that require a large amount of illumination, it is necessary to consider increasing the heat dissipation performance such as heat sink treatment.

The main performance of theexplosion-proof flood light is achieved by the "electric-to-light conversion" of LED chips and the "light-to-light conversion" of phosphors. Specifically, the Blu-ray explosion-proof fluorescent lamp is converted into blue light by electricity and the phosphor absorbs a part of the blue light to be converted into yellow light to produce white light.The cover as an explosion-proof fluorescent lamp and a phosphor light source controls the light intensity distribution. Explosion-proof flood lights have a unique light intensity distribution due to differences in structure and shape, so it is not easy to control the light intensity distribution as a light source. The choice of the material of the outer cover and the design of the inner shape are all for the illumination control of the explosion-proof fluorescent lamp. Usually, the light intensity distribution of the light-emitting surface of the device has a concentric circle or an elliptical shape.

Explosion Proof Flood Lamp

 Explosion-proof Flood Light

The encapsulating resin has an optical medium that efficiently extracts light from an explosion-proof flood light and phosphor. Light has a characteristic that it is difficult to project from a medium having a high refractive index n to a low medium. Therefore, the LED chip has a higher refractive index of about 2.5, and the refractive index of air is lower than about 1.0, so that a package having a high refractive index is used. The resin can improve the light extraction efficiency, and the refractive index of the resin currently used is generally 1.3 to 1.5.

In summary, the white light emitted by the white LED device does not depend solely on the LED chip or phosphor, but also on the optical properties of the housing and the encapsulating resin.

The package is designed to fix fragile explosion-proof fluorescent lamps and phosphors in the housing to protect them from light or short-circuit due to vibration and collision during handling. In addition, it can block the damage and erosion of dust and the like in the air.

Explosion-proof flood lamps are electronic components mounted on a circuit board. Their structure and shape are easy to pass through the reflow soldering process, and can be easily mounted on a circuit board, such as electrode wetness in a reflow process. Self-correcting and non-deformability of the reflow soldering package.

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamps for general illumination require the same luminous intensity as fluorescent lamps. Therefore, a large driving current is required, which inevitably leads to an increase in the amount of heat generated by the explosion-proof flood lamp, and an increase in the internal temperature causes an increase in the amount of heat generated by the LED chip. The increase in internal temperature lowers the luminous efficiency of the LED chip and the phosphor, and also increases the thermal load of the resin cover and the encapsulating resin, thereby reducing reliability.

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