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Twelve Categories of Explosion-proof Electrical Appliances for Factories! (Up)

Feb. 08, 2020

The demand for explosion-proof electrical appliances is relatively large, mainly including small explosion-proof products such as lighting switches, transfer switches (combination switches), travel switches, and wire switches. Such products mainly include explosion-proof ceiling fans, explosion-proof exhaust fans, and explosion-proof axial fans. Their structures are composed of explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof junction boxes, explosion-proof speed controllers, and blades. china dust explosion proof appliance supplier introduces you:


Dust proof explosion proof control box

It mainly includes a lighting distribution box for controlling the lighting system and a power box for controlling the power system. Most of these products are combined and can control up to 12 circuits. Most of the shells are made of cast aluminum alloy, some are welded by steel plates, and a few are insulated shells. Its interior is mainly composed of circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, transfer switches, signal lights, buttons and other components. The manufacturer can also choose to be equipped according to user needs. The explosion-proof level can reach ⅡCT6. By the way, explosion-proof automatic switches, explosion-proof knife switches, and fuses are also often used in some control applications to control the power or the lighting of the power distribution system. They just become a single piece. Therefore, these products are also classified in this category.

Dust Proof Explosion Proof Control Box

Dust Proof Explosion Proof Control Box


Explosion-proof starter

Such products include manual starters, electromagnetic starters, reversible electromagnetic starters, autocoupling pressure reducing starters, Y- △ conversion step-down starters, and feed switches. Explosion-proof starter products are used as terminal control equipment. Generally, one starter controls one motor, which belongs to a wide range of products. Its casing is usually made of cast aluminum alloy or steel plate. Its interior is generally composed of contactors (air or vacuum), motor protection systems, signal lights, buttons and autotransformers, etc., and generally has local control, remote control and automatic control functions. Some products are also equipped with circuit breakers as main switches to make the products more complete.


Explosion proof transfer switch

The market demand for this type of product is relatively large, so there are more manufacturers, mainly including light switches, transfer switches (combination switches), travel switches, pull switches and other small explosion-proof products. The explosion-proof grades of these products can reach ⅡCT6 level. The explosion-proof shells and shells are usually composite structures made of die-cast aluminum alloy. There are also a few manufacturers using other materials. These products are characterized by small size, single internal components, low technical content, simple structure, and easy fabrication.


Explosion-proof main electrical appliances

The master electrical appliance is a switching electrical appliance that is used to close or open the control circuit to issue a command or a program control. This type of explosion-proof electrical appliances mainly includes control buttons and operating columns. The explosion-proof control button housing is generally made of polycarbonate, glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin or ABS plastic injection molding, and a small amount is formed by die-casting aluminum. The general structure is a safety-enhancing shell, which is equipped with explosion-proof components and can achieve anti-corrosion function. The explosion-proof level can reach IIC level. The operation column is mainly composed of a main box, a junction box and a pillar. Some of the main box and the junction box are made as one body, and some are made as separate bodies, each with its own characteristics. Its material is basically made of cast aluminum alloy. The interior is composed of various instruments, transfer switches, buttons and signal lights. Can be combined according to different needs. Mining bracket lights, mining flood lights, mining LED roadway lights, mining sound and light signal devices, mining flood lights, emergency lights, metal halide lamps.