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Instructions for using explosion-proof electrical appliances

Jul. 22, 2019

Instructions for using explosion-proof electrical appliances shared by Explosion Proof Cable Gland supplier.

1. When turning over the circular cover plate with ejector screw, roll the screw diagonally, successively and evenly until the cover plate is ejector in balance. A single rolling screw is forbidden to destroy the flameproof surface or form other damage.

2. The solar panel of the equipment should consider to find the direction with the longest sunshine time, pay attention to distinguish positive and negative electrodes when wiring, and connect them according to the wiring diagram.

3. Explosion-proof air conditioner of equipment is carried out by professionals. It changes seasons in winter and summer every year.

4. Before the product and equipment, check whether the skill data listed on the nameplate and the basic parameters in the operation manual are consistent with the actual operation condition, and check whether the components are damaged, all parts are intact and normal. The cable shall first pass through the clamping nut, washer and sealing ring of the imported equipment in sequence, and then tighten the clamping nut to seal the cable. Then connect the lead to the corresponding wiring terminal, close the cover and tighten the screw. After the above check, can power use.

5. When the button is operated, try to prevent the side operation. Long-term error is likely to cause unilateral wear of the shaft and rod, which may lead to jamming, increased conflict, poor touch and other conditions, and may present explosion-proof safety hazards.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland

6. When operating the Explosion-Proof Cable Gland, please pay attention not to use too much force, which may easily lead to handle cracking, pin cracking and zigzags, and operation organization damage.

7. In the case of shaft flow fan, it is necessary to confirm whether the nameplate technical parameters of the fan are consistent with the practical application status, check whether all parts of the fan are intact, and then conduct power-on operation. According to the requirements of ventilation and exhaust, the axial flow fan equipment is connected with the shell of the axial flow fan at the determined orientation. If necessary for ventilation, the air duct can be installed to connect the air duct with the shell.

8. The internal wiring of the distribution box has been completely completed. The user only needs to open the wiring cavity and directly connect it from the wiring terminal. The connection should be strong, the pressing connection should be firm, the virtual connection should be forbidden, and the ponytail should be forbidden. Please pay attention to whether the gap of the conductive piece fits the requirements. If water is found in the distribution box, please check whether the sealing ring is useful for compaction. Distribution box in the use of the process should be regularly check whether the flameproof surface rust, flameproof gap is out of tolerance, if there should be timely treatment.

9. For explosion-proof flexible connection used for connecting piping of electrical equipment, check whether the nominal inner diameter, length and joint thread of flexible pipe conform to practical application conditions before equipment, and ensure that the thread joint and the concentric groove of lining are fully meshed and tightened.

10. Explosion-proof appliances should be stored in the warehouse with air circulation, no dripping and liquid invasion, no more than 90% air relative humidity, no higher than 40℃, no lower than -25℃, and the storage period should not exceed one year.