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Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Signs

Apr. 13, 2018

In order to clearly understand its type from the appearance of explosion-proof electrical equipment, the signs, patterns, types, grades, and groups of explosion-proof electrical equipment are arranged in a certain order.

1. Signs: The general symbol of explosion-proof electrical equipment is Ex and the safety symbol is MA.

2. Type: that is, all types of signs of explosion-proof electrical equipment. Such as d represents flameproof electrical equipment.

Dust Proof Explosion Proof Control Box (II B II C)

3, Categories: According to the different use of the environment, the explosion-proof electrical equipment is divided into Class I, Class II. Class I is specifically applied to underground coal mines, and Class II is used in ground explosive factories with non-methane external mixture explosion environments.

4, Level: mainly for explosion-proof and intrinsically safe electrical equipment, divided into IIA, IIB, IIC three. We supply high quality Dust Proof Explosion Proof Control Box II B, Dust Proof Explosion Proof Control Box II C and other related products.