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Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Standards

Apr. 15, 2018

Explosion-proof electrical equipment refers to electrical equipment that is designed, manufactured and used in accordance with national standards and will not cause explosion of the surrounding explosive mixture. Explosion-proof electrical equipment include Industrial Cable Gland, Explosion Proof Armored Cable Glands.

Industrial Cable Gland

National standards mainly include the following:

1, The maximum allowable surface temperature of electrical equipment. The surface may accumulate dust at 150°C, dust accumulation measures at 450°C, and explosion-proof electrical equipment at -20°C to 40°C.

2. The connection between the electrical equipment and the cable should adopt the explosion-proof cable junction box. The introduction of the cable must be introduced into the device with a sealed cable, and it should be equipped with anti-loose and anti-pull measures.

3, Explosion-proof electrical If you use plastic shell, must be made of non-flammable or non-flammable materials, and to ensure that the plastic surface insulation resistance greater than 1 * 109Ω, to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, but also must withstand the impact test and thermal stability test.

1. The use of explosion-proof electrical equipment limits the use of aluminum alloy enclosures to prevent it from generating large amounts of thermal energy by friction with rust and to avoid the formation of dangerous temperatures.