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Precautions for installation of explosion-proof electrical appliances

Jun. 11, 2019

Precautions for installation of explosion-proof electrical appliances

Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier China shares that in the equipment and application of explosion-proof electrical equipment, it is necessary to prevent the adverse influence of external factors (such as chemical action, mechanical action and heat, electrical and moisture) on the explosion-proof performance, and to prevent foreign matter from falling into the air vent of the motor of vertical equipment.

1. Moisture-proof and water-proof methods:

For outdoor places, explosion-proof appliances should be put under the rain-proof canopy as far as possible to prevent direct rain and direct sunlight, and choose products with higher protection grade as far as possible. Seal the electrical circuit entrance. And adopt measures to prevent water accumulation near explosion-proof appliances. Apply waterproofing agent to the thread connection of the wiring pipe of the equipment;

Explosion Proof Lamp

2. Anticorrosion method:

According to the corrosive gas, liquid and steam existing in the environment, in addition to the selection of anti-corrosion explosion-proof electrical appliances, but also to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of the wiring pipeline.

3. Heat protection measures:

Keep explosion-proof appliances away from heat source as far as possible, and choose explosion-proof appliances with higher temperature grade as far as possible.

4. Earthquake protection measures:

Try to choose copper core insulated soft wire or copper core multi-strand cable. When wiring with metal pipes, flexible connection between explosion-proof appliances and electrical lines can be used according to the need. For r vulnerable to the impact of bolt fasteners choose spring pad and double nuts to prevent loose.

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