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Which Explosion-proof Structure Is Used For Explosion-proof Lamps?

Jan. 07, 2019

Explosion-proof structure of Explosion Proof Flood Light shall be determined according to the regional grade and scope of the explosive gas environment. For example, explosion-proof lamps shall be used in Zone 1; fixed lamps in Zone 2 may be explosion-proof and increased in safety, and mobile lamps must be Explosion-proof type is adopted. The level or group of selected explosion-proof lamps should not be lower than the level and group of explosive mixtures in an explosive atmosphere. At the same time, the impact of the environment on the explosion-proof lamp should be considered, and the requirements of various environments such as ambient temperature, air humidity, corrosion or polluting substances should be met. The degree of protection and corrosion resistance of the luminaire should be selected according to different environmental requirements. Especially in the presence of corrosive gases in explosive atmospheres, it is important to choose a Explosion Proof Emergency Light with appropriate corrosion protection.

In the past, in petrochemical enterprises, the lighting fixtures in explosion-hazardous places mainly used flameproof type. With the widespread use of increased safety electrical equipment in hazardous areas of Zone 2 explosions, increased safety and composite lighting fixtures are increasingly being used. Compared with the explosion-proof luminaire, the ampere-type luminaire has the advantages of light weight, low price, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life. The most common composite electrical equipment used in petrochemical enterprises is the increase-safety-explosion-proof composite explosion-proof electrical equipment, which is generally composed of explosion-proof components, increased safety terminal blocks and Zeng'an casing. It has both explosion-proof safety. Performance, but also has the advantage of increased safety

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