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How Does The Explosion Proof Lamp Achieve The Explosion-proof Function?

Mar. 12, 2019

The role of Explosion Proof Emergency Light is simply to prevent explosions, so the use of explosion-proof lamps is important for lighting in hazardous industries. So, how does the explosion-proof lamp achieve the explosion-proof effect? The following Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier will simply share it.

In order to achieve good lighting and explosion-proof effects, the outer casing of the explosion-proof lamp is generally cast aluminum alloy, and the transparent member is generally made of tempered glass. The surface of the explosion-proof lamp can also be sprayed with anti-corrosion materials. So, how is the explosion-proof lamp explosion-proof? Is it just an explosion-proof lamp made from these materials that can achieve explosion-proof lighting? The inside of the lamp body of the explosion-proof lamp may generate arcs and sparks when it is used. Inflammable and explosive gases outside are prone to explosions. The explosion-proof lamp housing can withstand internal explosion without damage. It can also ensure that the internal flame gas reduces energy when it propagates through the gap, which is not enough to detonate the gas in the outer casing.

The above briefly describes the explosion-proof principle of the explosion-proof lamp. As long as these principles can be observed, the explosion-proof lighting effect of the explosion-proof lamp can be realized. Therefore, the explosion-proof effect of the explosion-proof lamp is not only related to the production materials of the explosion-proof lamp, but also inseparable from the strict explosion-proof production principle. Users can also make some simple understanding of these contents before choosing to use explosion-proof lamps.

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