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Explosion Proof Emergency Lights Are Widely Used

Mar. 15, 2019

Explosion Proof Emergency Lights can also be used for emergency lighting in the event of a power outage. The application is still quite extensive. Explosion-proof emergency lights can be used in flammable and explosive atmospheres, such as coal mines, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, metallurgical industries, etc. There have been many explosions in recent years, and some ordinary factories have begun to pay more and more attention to production safety, so ordinary factories will also choose to use high quality explosion-proof emergency lights.

Then, if the explosion-proof emergency light is for emergency lighting? It turns out that under normal circumstances, the power supply will charge the battery inside the explosion-proof emergency light. When the power is cut off, the backup power supply (battery) will automatically supply power. There is also an explosion-proof emergency light for emergency lighting, which we usually call it a single-head explosion-proof emergency light. This kind of lighting emergency dual-purpose lamp, normal lighting and emergency sharing a 70W metal halide light source, the brightness is unchanged during emergency, and the power switching does not flash. In contrast, this emergency and lighting dual-use is more practical, but the price is correspondingly more expensive. Users should choose the right luminaire according to their own environment.

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Explosion Proof Emergency Light