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Introduction of innovative explosion-proof flexible connection pipe

Aug. 23, 2019

Introduction of innovative explosion-proof flexible connection pipe by Explosion Proof Tube Article Supplier.

1. Innovative explosion-proof flexible pipe technology

Explosion Proof Tube Article - Innovation explosion-proof flexible pipe connection pipe, change the usual structure and technology, the old rubber flexible pipe and old stainless steel flexible pipe advantages combined. The innovative technology is the explosion-proof flexible pipe with the middle tube body of stainless steel and two ends joints of carbon steel galvanized protective film.

Second, innovation explosion-proof flexible pipe advantages

The original old stainless steel flexible pipe joints at both ends to carbon steel by special plating process protection film, so as to achieve salt spray test test 120 hours no rust, using this kind of flexible pipe in high temperature or low temperature environment installation will not break, and when bending the pipe body will not deformation.

Explosion Proof Tube Article Supplier

explosion-proof flexible pip

Iii. Application scope of new explosion-proof flexible pipe

China Explosion proof Tube Article Supplier shares that it is widely used in petroleum exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry and military dangerous environment. For the connection of the inlet and outlet lines of explosion-proof electrical equipment or the connection of steel pipe wiring which is difficult to bend

Suitable for area 1 and 2 in explosive gas environment. It is also suitable for combustible dust areas 20, 21 and 22. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment

Standard: GB3836.1 GB3836.2 GB3836.3

Explosion-proof mark: EXd IIC Gb/Ex tDA20IP65, Exe IIC Gb/Ex tDA20IP65

Explosion-proof grade: IP65