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Explosion-proof Flexible Pipe

May. 18, 2018

These pictures are FNG-III Steel wire knit EXPLOSION-PROOF FLEXIBLE PIPE.

Explosion-proof Flexible Pipe

All Stainless Steel Construction With Two Female NPT Threaded End Fittings.

Features of Explosion Proof Flexible Pipe:

All sizes are manufactured using 304L Stainless Steel Braid over 321 Stainless hose, TIG welded 304 stainless end fittings, and an arc resistant liner.

Flexible Length does not include fittings. Custom lengths available on special request.

Flexible couplings are used for:

Accomplishing difficult bends

Movements of connected fixtures

Vibration of connected equipment (as motors)

Application of explosion proof flexible pipe:1. Widely used for flexible connection between explosion-proof boxes or explosion-proof lighting fitting,and pipes,and some Ex-equipment2.Protect cable from any damage3.Highly corrosion-proof.

Also, we have BNG Explosion Proof Flexible Pipe for sale.