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Principle Of The Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lamp

Jul. 31, 2018

The principle of Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lamp is based on the European standard EN13463-1:2002 "Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres Part 1: Basic methods and requirements". 

The LED Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Light is to take measures to allow internal explosion and prevent flame explosion. An explosion-proof type is the most commonly used type of explosion protection. Since the explosion-proof type of lamp housing is generally made of a metal material, the heat dissipation is good, the housing strength is high, and the durability is good, which is very popular among users. 

Moreover, many of the increased safety explosion-proof luminaire components, such as lamp holders, interlock switches, etc., also use a flameproof structure. An electrical device having a flameproof enclosure is referred to as an explosion-proof electrical device. If the explosive gas mixture enters the flameproof enclosure and is ignited, the flameproof enclosure can withstand the explosive pressure of the internal explosive gas mixture and prevent the internal explosion from propagating to the explosive mixture surrounding the enclosure. This is a kind of gap explosion-proof principle, which is a structure designed by using the metal gap to prevent the propagation of the explosion flame and to cool the temperature of the explosive product, to achieve the flame extinction and cooling, and to suppress the expansion of the explosion.

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lamp