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Installation and construction requirements for explosion-proof electrical appliances

Jun. 03, 2019

Installation and construction requirements for explosion-proof electrical appliances shared by Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier China

1. Electrical equipment shall be carried out in accordance with the required technical documentation. The power supply of electrical equipment should be set with appropriate protective equipment to prevent harmful effects of overload, short circuit, circuit breaking or grounding fault. For example, the increased safety of the cage motor should be equipped with inverse time protection equipment. Short circuit and ground fault protection equipment should be able to prevent active reclosing under fault conditions. Be careful to ensure that replacement items, such as replacement light bulbs, have the type and additional value necessary to meet operational requirements. After the completion of equipment, the initialization of equipment and equipment should be checked according to iec60079-17.

2. Explosion-proof electrical equipment shall be equipped by construction personnel with professional knowledge. Equipment quality should be satisfied with GB50257 and GB3836.15 and other national standards. If necessary, professional explosion-proof organizations can be entrusted to carry out engineering supervision or on-site guidance of engineering equipment to ensure that the project conforms to the overall explosion-proof specifications.

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3. Correct equipment for electrical equipment, existing equipment or expansion of existing equipment, shall pay attention to the following points:

3.1 classification files of places;

3.2 equipment and connection instructions;

3.3 explanatory documents for substantive safety system;

3.4 manufacturer's/qualified personnel statement.

4.  During equipment or protection, it is necessary to block the front-level power supply, and operate according to the warning requirements of "do not open the cover while electrified" or "open the cover after power failure for XX minutes" in the product operation manual, and open the cover after cooling to prevent accidental injuries such as electric shock and scald.

If caused a sensation should pay special attention to the equipment bolts and cables introduced the tightness of the equipment. Care should be taken to prevent static electricity when arranging non-metallic electrical equipment.

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