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Performance Characteristics Of Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lamp

Nov. 05, 2018

The performance characteristics of Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lamp are as follows:

1. The outer shell is molded by steel plate, with high strength and impact resistance. The lampshade is formed by injection molding of polycarbonate, with high light transmittance and strong impact resistance.

2. The lamp adopts a curved road sealing structure, which has strong waterproof and dustproof performance.

3. The built-in ballast is a special explosion-proof ballast for our company with a power factor of COS > 0.85.

4. Built-in isolation switch, automatically cut off the power when the product is turned on, improve the safety performance of the product.

5. The emergency device can be configured according to the user's requirements. When the emergency power supply is turned on, the lamp automatically switches to the emergency lighting state.

6. Steel pipe or cable wiring.

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp use range

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamps are mainly used in explosive and flammable places such as petrochemical industry. The specific places are as follows:

1. Applicable to explosive areas 1 and 2;

2. Applicable to IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment;

3. Applicable to the explosive dust environment 20, 21, 22 districts.

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Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lamp