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Why Is The Explosion Proof Junction Box Explosion-proof?

Sep. 04, 2018

1, the principle of Dust Explosion Proof Appliance is to isolate the inside and outside of electrical equipment that may cause sparks.

2. The explosion environment mainly consists of air, dust or liquid medium. The air and dust environment are all in the atmospheric environment. The main means is to isolate the inside of the electrical equipment from the external atmosphere (there may be explosive dust, explosive gas, etc.) to achieve the purpose of explosion protection; the integrated medium environment is mainly By sealing, some may have to withstand high pressure, and the equipment will be made waterproof.

3, there are explosive gases in the area of electrical equipment: petrochemical, hydrogen production, oxygen production, etc., must be used. Such as motor junction box, electrical switch, etc.

4. Of course, the most used is the petrochemical industry.

Explosion-proof products are used in inflammable and explosive places, such as inflammable and explosive oil; chemical; coal mines and other places.

The Explosion Proof Junction Box is quite different from the ordinary junction box.

1; high intensity;

2: The assembly matte finish requires relatively high requirements and has strict dimensional requirements for the width of the joint surface.

3: All the inside and outside of the lead are separated by strict sealing size requirements. The spark in the junction box does not affect the combustion and explosion of external flammable and explosive materials.

Explosion Proof Junction Box