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The Difference Between Explosion-Proof Junction Box, Cable Box And Case

Aug. 08, 2018

The Explosion Proof Junction Box, the explosion-proof cable box and the explosion-proof junction Case are different. The explosion-proof thread box, the explosion-proof junction box and the explosion-proof junction box are all used for the line interface when connecting the wires during the decoration, but each has its own use. ,

Below China Dust Explosion Proof Appliance Supplier will talk about the difference between the three.

1, the role of explosion-proof junction box; explosion-proof junction box is used to connect pipelines with equipment or devices, as well as the transition of light and dark pipelines and the transition between rigidity and flexibility.

2, the role of explosion-proof threading box; explosion-proof threading box is when the laying length of the line pipeline exceeds a certain limit, or the line is divergent, or the line turns too much, when the whole tube is not convenient to thread, this is in the middle It is necessary to add a box, which is an explosion-proof threading box.

3, the role of explosion-proof junction box; explosion-proof junction box is the place where the power distribution, power equipment and external lines are connected, this place needs a device to protect the line, in this place will add a box as protection, the inside of the box is generally There is a terminal strip with a boundary or a terminal without a terminal but with a switching device. Generally, the connecting device can be removed.

Explosion Proof Junction Box