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Explosion-proof lamp type classification

Nov. 12, 2019

1, classification

Explosion-proof lamps are generally classified according to the selected light source, explosion-proof structure and usage. According to the light source, there are explosion-proof incandescent lamps, explosion-proof high-pressure mercury lamps, explosion proof fluorescent lamps, mixed light source lamps, etc.; according to the explosion-proof structure type, there are explosion-proof lamps, increased safety lamps, composite lamps, etc.; Explosion-proof lamps and portable explosion-proof lamps.

2, type

According to the explosion-proof type, there are 5 main types of explosion-proof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, non-sparking type and dust explosion-proof type. It can also be combined with other explosion-proof type and various types of explosion-proof type or composite type and special type.

3, flameproof type d

The components of the equipment that may ignite the explosive gas mixture are all enclosed in a casing whose outer casing can withstand any joint surface or structural gap through the casing, and the flammable mixture penetrating into the interior of the casing explodes inside without damage, and can ensure internal When the flame gas propagates through the gap, it reduces energy and is not enough to detonate the gas in the outer casing.

4. Increased safety type e

Electrical equipment that does not generate arcs or sparks under normal operating conditions takes additional measures to increase its safety and prevents explosion-proof patterns of dangerous temperatures, arcs and sparks that may be present in its internal and external components. Protection measures to improve the reliability and safety of the explosion proof emergency light.

5, positive pressure type p

The flammable mixture is allowed to enter the interior of the enclosure by maintaining the pressure of the protective gas inside the enclosure above the ambient explosion-proof ambient pressure to safe electrical equipment to protect static positive pressure within the system or to maintain a continuous flow of air or inert gas. Take away the flammable gas entering the enclosure when the device is not under positive pressure to prevent the formation of a flammable mixture in the enclosure.

Explosion Proof Lamp

Explosion Proof Lamp

6. This placement I

All circuits inside the equipment are intrinsically safe circuits in an explosion-proof atmosphere that cannot be specified by any spark or any effect under standard conditions (including normal operation and specified fault conditions).

7, potting type m

Electrical components that may cause sparks, arcs, or dangerous temperature portions that ignite an explosive mixture to be encapsulated in a potting compound (composite) so that it does not ignite surrounding explosive mixtures by encapsulation to prevent electrical components Short-circuit, solidified electrical insulation, avoiding sparks on the circuit and ignition of arcs and dangerous temperatures, preventing the intrusion of explosive mixtures and controlling the surface temperature under normal and fault conditions.

8, oil-filled o

The entire equipment or parts of the equipment are invaded into the oil I protection liquid l so that it cannot be placed above the fuel surface or in an explosion-proof atmosphere outside the outer casing.

9, sand filling type q

The outer shell is filled with sand or other powder material of defined characteristics so that under the specified conditions of use, the arc or high temperature generated in the shell cannot ignite the electrical equipment protection type of the surrounding explosive gas environment.

10, airtight h

This type of explosion proof flood lamp uses a hermetic enclosure. That is, the explosive gas mixture in the environment cannot enter the inside of the equipment casing. The hermetic outer casing is sealed by melting, squeezing or gluing. Most of the outer casing is non-removable to ensure permanent tightness.

11, support surface material

According to whether the explosion-proof lamps can be directly installed on the surface of ordinary flammable materials, they can be divided into two categories. One is a luminaire that is only suitable for installation on a non-combustible surface; the other is a luminaire suitable for direct mounting on the surface of a common flammable material, with a symbol. In addition, according to the installation and use form can be divided into fixed, portable, portable.