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Installation requirements for explosion-proof lamps

Jul. 15, 2019

Installation requirements for explosion-proof lamps shared by China Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier.

1. Metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp and other explosion-proof lamps with trigger should be replaced in time after the bulb is damaged, or the trigger in the whole circuit will be mistaken for the bulb is not lit and continuously emit high voltage trigger, and then form long-term high voltage incineration ballast, trigger, capacitor and other components.

2. The type, type and power of lamps and lanterns shall meet the requirements of the planning and product skill conditions, and shall not be changed at will. Use the correct extra value and type of bulb when replacing the bulb of the lighting equipment, otherwise the temperature may be too high. High pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp should not be used in places requiring color discrimination, because these two kinds of light sources have poor color rendering. For high-intensity lighting places that need good color rendering (such as on-site maintenance of large unit equipment), explosion-proof projection lamps can be used. The light source is usually metal halide lamps with extra power up to 1000W.

3. Due to the particularity of structure, the sealing performance of explosion-proof lamps is higher than that of ordinary lamps. Please replace the bulb before or when the extra life arrives, exceeding the extra life, reducing the light output, increasing the energy consumption and the possibility of lamp breaking.

4. The emergency power supply of emergency lamps and lanterns should be used before the first inside the storage of electricity, and then a charge of 24 hours before entering the normal use stage, otherwise will make the battery storage power cut. It is necessary to charge and discharge emergency equipment every three months.

China Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier

5. The normal operating voltage of explosion-proof lamps should be stable at 220±5%, which cannot be shaken frequently, or the lamp components will be simply burned. It is best to configure a voltage regulator when conditions permit.

6. The original rubber sealing ring and retaining ring of explosion-proof lamps when they leave factory are the parts that ensure the tightness of lamps and lanterns over wires and cables. They cannot be missed or lost. They cannot be replaced at will, or the whole explosion-proof function of lamps and lanterns will be damaged. The part of the lamp seal should not be often opened and opened.

7. Choose the light source and ballast should pay attention to the uniform type of specifications, inconsistency may present functional barriers or damage, advocate the use of well-known brands. Light source damage should be turned off in time, replacement.

8. Metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp light source off or subside, it is necessary to cool down for 15 minutes to wait for the light source temperature down, then put on the power to start again. Hot start simply damages or incinerates the light source.

9. After the end of explosion-proof lamp equipment, check whether the insulation resistance between the pole and the shell is normal when sending electricity.

10. The explosion-proof lamp should be stored in the warehouse with air circulation, no dripping and liquid invasion, no more than 90% air relative humidity, no higher than 40℃, no lower than -25℃, and the storage period should not exceed one year.

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