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What Is The Difference Between Explosion-Proof Lights, Led Explosion-Proof Lights, And Ordinary Led Lighting?

Jan. 02, 2020

As a china explosion proof lamp supplier, customers often encounter customers asking "What is an explosion-proof lamp?", "What is an LED explosion-proof lamp?", "What is the difference between an LED explosion-proof lamp and an ordinary LED lamp?" "And so on. These are, in my opinion, very simple common sense questions, maybe because of interlaced reasons, some intermediate buyers and even end-use customers are ambiguous about these. In view of this situation I decided to write this article to illustrate these issues.

  Explosion Proof Flood Lamp

 Explosion Proof Flood Lamp

Explosion proof flood lamp is used in dangerous places where flammable gas and dust exist. It can prevent arcs, sparks and high temperature inside the lamp from igniting the flammable gas and dust in the surrounding environment. Explosion-proof lamps. Different flammable gas mixture environments have different requirements on the explosion-proof level and type of explosion-proof lamps. According to the requirements of different flammable gas mixture environments, our commonly used explosion-proof lamps have explosion-proof grades IIB and IIC. There are two types of explosion-proof type: full flameproof type (d) and composite flameproof type (de). The light sources of explosion-proof lamps can be divided into two categories. One type of light source is commonly used for gas discharge lamps: fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and electrodeless lamps. The other type is LED light source, which can be divided into patch light source and COB integrated light source.

The driving power of explosion proof emergency light usually includes three parts: “capacitor, trigger, ballast”, which is larger than LED explosion-proof lamps, with high luminous efficiency, good color rendering performance, long life, etc Features: It is a new energy-saving light source close to sunlight. It is widely used in flammable and explosive dangerous places such as petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, firefighting, metallurgy, ships, firefighting, etc. Illuminated area.

Knowing the meaning of explosion-proof lamps, I believe that LED explosion-proof lamps are easy to understand. LED explosion-proof lamps are the type of explosion-proof lamps whose light sources are LED light sources, which can be said to be a classification of explosion-proof lamps. Because the light source of the LED explosion-proof lamp is changed to LED, the structure of the entire lamp also changes to a certain extent. The light source cavity of the LED explosion-proof lamp is much flatter than that of the gas discharge lamp, which is mainly different from the size of the light source. The LED explosion-proof lamp needs an external driving power supply to work.

Ordinary LED lamps refer to lamps used in hazardous locations where non-combustible gases and dust are present. They do not have explosion-proof grades and explosion-proof types. Like the LED lamps we use in offices and office hallways, they are ordinary LED lamps. The difference between it and LED explosion-proof lights is that the former mainly highlights lighting, while the latter requires explosion protection in addition to lighting, to avoid causing dangerous external environment explosions, to ensure the personal safety of staff, and to avoid the loss of company property.

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