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Explosion Proof Electrical Products Also Have Certain Requirements For Ambient Temperature

Mar. 08, 2019

As you already know, the operating environment conditions of electrical equipment are very important for the safe use of electrical equipment.

The so-called operating environment temperature or ambient temperature refers to the basic basis for the designation of the allowable operating environment temperature specified by the designer for electrical equipment.

In some special cases, if the operating environment temperature of the Explosion Proof Flexible Pipe exceeds the specified temperature range, the equipment manufacturer should truthfully mark this temperature range on the product nameplate, and should also be in the product The relevant instruction manual data, in the profit manual, is clearly stated.

Abnormal atmospheric environmental conditions

The atmospheric environment and operating ambient temperatures and their possible adverse effects on the safe operation of electrical equipment are discussed above.

The term "unusual atmospheric environmental conditions" refers to environmental conditions of high temperature, high pressure and oxygen enrichment. Such environmental conditions are definitely unfavorable for the safe operation of electrical equipment, especially explosion-proof flexible connecting pipes; not only its basic performance, but more serious, its explosion-proof safety performance will be threatened.

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