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Explosion proof wiring box installation method

Oct. 18, 2019

You may have seen the explosion-proof wiring box, but it is not a lot to understand. What is the junction box? It is one of the electrical auxiliary equipment commonly used in home decoration, and the explosion-proof junction box is used as a transition between the wire connector and the conduit. What is the explosion-proof junction box? In fact, the role of the ordinary junction box is the same, but the use of different occasions, the explosion-proof junction box has the word explosion-proof, it can be understood that it is generally used in flammable and explosive places.

Explosion proof wiring box installation method

Explosion-proof Wiring Box

1. We received an explosion-proof junction box. After opening the package, first check whether the explosion-proof junction box is intact, damaged, and whether the components are missing.

2. When installing, the explosion-proof junction box should be fixed vertically on the special bracket or suspended in the installation position. On both sides of the junction box, the cable at the access end should be kept the proper length to ensure that the end of the cable is pulled out.

3. Unscrew the four screws on the surface of the explosion-proof junction box and open the cover. You can see that there are 4 terminals. We only need to connect the cable to the top. After finishing, close the cover, fix the screw and go back.


1. The outer shell is formed by high-pressure aluminum alloy casting, and the surface is sprayed with powder and electrostatically sprayed;

2. The introduction port has various modes and specifications to meet various wiring needs on site;

3, anti-torsion special terminal block, safe and reliable, convenient wiring;

4. The introduction of the port thread type is usually a pipe thread, and can also be processed into a metric thread or an NPT thread according to requirements;

5, steel pipe or cable wiring.

Why is the explosion proof wiring box explosion-proof?

1, the principle of explosion-proof electrical appliances is to isolate the internal and external electrical equipment that may cause sparks.

2. The explosion environment mainly consists of air, dust or liquid medium. The air and dust environment are all in the atmosphere. The main means is to isolate the inside of the electrical equipment from the external atmosphere (there may be explosive dust, explosive gas, etc.) to achieve the purpose of explosion protection. The integrated medium environment is mainly By sealing, some may have to withstand high pressure, and the equipment will be made waterproof.

3, there are explosive gases in the area of electrical equipment: petrochemical, hydrogen production, oxygen production, etc., must be used. Such as motor junction box, electrical switch, etc.

4. Of course, the most used is the petrochemical industry.

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